What must an Entrepreneur Assume when Starting a Business

Today is the era of social media, where everywhere we see images of entrepreneurs living luxurious lifestyles, which intrigue many people to start a journey of starting a business. But we forget the fact that part of what they are showing us on social media is 10 percent of their life, and most of their time and energy goes into building businesses and making deals. It comes with a price that very few people want to pay.

To start a business, one needs a proper plan and execution on every part. It needs guts to be challenged and unexpected changes in lifestyle. Most people invest a lot of time in finding a brilliant idea that can change their lives, but if one cannot execute the idea in the right way, it can become a disaster in life. First, one needs the right mindset, and being prepared for everything will not go according to plan. One must be prepared for failure and learn from mistakes because one can only learn from either one’s own mistakes or another’s mistakes.

If we talk about the entrepreneurship journey, it is a journey of more failure than success. About 20% of new businesses collapse during the first two years of opening, and at least 45% of businesses close in five years. If we calculate the data, only 25% of businesses survive 15 years or more. So, one must know all these facts before making a venture in business.

But along with many challenges, it really gives some meaning to your life. The process of building a business teaches a lot in life, and somehow, a person evolves as a person. It not only gives financial freedom but also flexible work hours.

Challenges of entrepreneur:

Failure is inevitable

Failure is part of business; every entrepreneur who starts any business fails for the first few years. The best way to succeed in business is to fail faster; growth will come faster when somebody learns from failures. Staring at a business is not a fancy thing; it requires a lot of courage and disappointment. So, the key to success is to learn from failure and not to quit the game.

If one fails, that means someone is making a critical mistake of not understanding his customer’s needs and desires. Making a business that can solve customer pain points and change according to customer needs can make any business successful. Understanding the pain point of the customer is the main thing in business. If some business is not attracting the customer, that can have many reasons. 

One of the reasons is not understanding the pain points of his customers and not having solid positioning.

A successful business needs the journey of trial and error, which most people are afraid of, which means constantly living on the edge and taking risks. In these cases, having a mentor is essential, which can save you from heavy losses.

You’ll need more money than you expected

A successful business comes with the risk of investing heavy investment of capital. Some business needs low investment, and some need more investment. Sometimes, it goes beyond our expectations because many risks also come in the journey.

To make a business successful, one needs capital for a few years. Having a reserve fund can help you when things are not going well so you can recover yourself from the loss. An experienced entrepreneur racks up capital for up to five years and sometimes adds additional capital to absorb the failure of the initial phase.

You’ll need help

No matter how smart you are, you need a mentor who can guide you along the way. Who can make plans with you and discuss the challenges during the journey? So, if one does not have any, it is better to hire someone who is in the same business and knows all the challenges. The right mentor can help you make fewer mistakes and grow your business at a faster rate.

Consistency breeds success

Most business starts with fanfare, but when challenges come their way, the motivation goes away, and owners start lacking consistency in the process. Because people have their eyes on rewards, not on the process. Yes, a successful business gives financial freedom and respect in society. Still, it comes with a lot of toil and difficult phases.

When everything is not working, and nothing is happening, the only thing that helps is consistency in the process and doing the right thing. If this happens, eventually, things will start getting right, and the result will come.

A lot of boring task needs to be handled before doing any business. That is why most businesses get dried up in a few years because exhaustion has dried up their energy and motivation. Only a consistent habit can break this chain.

You’ll need enough money for at least two years

We already discussed that we need at least a few years of backup for investment. Because the initial phase needed a lot of investment in a lot of things, which can go up when situations arise. Even when a business starts generating money its most part directly goes into reinvestment, which is the best way to grow any business.

Stress level can go up

If we asked many people why they want to start a business, they would tell us about not having a boss, financial freedom, low stress, and being your boss. Still, in reality, this is not the complete truth. Business needs more dedication than a job; nobody is going to push you, and you have to become self-start. That is the main point of business because it needs relentless passion and dedication.

An entrepreneur’s life is completely different from any job; he works more than 15 hours a day. There is no schedule for him. And when the result does not come the way he wants, it can lead to severe stress and anxiety. An entrepreneur needs to tackle the whole of his business, and he is something constantly busy with his work. Most of the time, he has to sacrifice his personal life.

Financial risk is inevitable

Every business needs money for investment purposes, which can become risky if it is not handled well. It can be the greatest source of worry for entrepreneurs because, for the first few years, businesses only need investment without any profit. If someone is doing business that requires a large amount of money, it can become riskier than investment. So, doing the right calculation before doing any business is very necessary.

Failure is common

Most businesses close in the first two years of business, according to the survey. Failure is part of any business; it comes in any form, like high investment, not getting profits in a few years, etc., but learning from failure and picking himself up makes a true entrepreneur.

Failure not only teaches a valuable lesson but keeps improving, which can transform any human. Only failure and learning from others’ mistake teaches the real lesson.

Mentorship will keep you going

Mentorship is something that is very much needed for any business. Having the right mentor can save you many years and failures. A mentor can help you to make the right decision with strategy, which can shorten the path to success. If you get the guidance of a person who is already doing the same particular business, that will be far better than a general mentor.

Business assumptions that are safe to make

Competitors are already there

Whatever type of business you start, you will find fierce competition in it. And that is a good sign because only a business with great potential has fierce competition. You do not need to do so much research about it because you can replicate other successful businesses and also learn from another business’s failure. You can easily study other businesses and what they are doing. By accessing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, you can easily make your strategy and learn about consumer behavior.

Resources are scarce

Whatever the resource you have for your business, you have to use it wisely because that resource is limited. The resource can be any form, like capital, equipment, people, etc. Managing resources carefully is necessary, which includes Marketing and advertisement, equipment, and human capital.

You’ll need to change your plan

Creating a plan for business is a critical step for any business. Then, following the plan with dedication and hard work comes later. We have all fancy thoughts in our minds, but real challenges come when we start the business. Businesses have many stages of functioning, and at every stage, different plans are to be executed. Sometimes, many challenges come the way, and for those things, plans need to be changed.

Employees are difficult to find

Finding the right person with the right skill set is always a challenge. In any company, there are several roles, like administrative tasks, managerial positions, and general work. Training them with the right skill set is always a challenging task.

Characteristics of an entrepreneur


To become a successful businessman, one should have a quality of creativity that can help him find new solutions to problems. Creative solutions can help to break through in a competitive market. Most people are just copying and pasting other people’s stuff and trying to think out of the box, which makes them unsuccessful in business. Finding a solution that nobody can copy or is hard to copy is the only solution.


A successful entrepreneur is always flexible in his approach because sometimes ideas don’t work. Then, thinking out of the box and being flexible in approach can be the only solution. Even in between, if something is not working, then becoming flexible with the people and style of work can save business.


Persuasion is an art that can influence others to behave in a certain way, and a successful entrepreneur knows it very well. He can use it to improve the user experience of the user and ultimately increase his sales. He can use it in various ways like in web design, layout, typography, and copy of web pages, by improving all aspects of the product in that way so it can influence users to buy it.

A successful businessman knows the psychology of the human mind and how it works well. So, by understanding human thinking, he can build trust in the brand and ultimately increase his sales and revenue.

Passionate about their business

A successful business cannot be built without passion, which most people lack. Passion is something that comes from within, and it cannot be borrowed. In the business, there are times when things are not going well and times when passion and hard work can rescue us. Passion is something that makes me keep going, and a persistent attitude. If a person is passionate about his business, he will be most likely to succeed.

Good decision-maker

Decision-making is the series of steps taken by the individual to achieve a particular goal. In a large organization, numerous decisions have to be made on an everyday basis, so having the right decision-making is a crucial step in any business. Decision-making ability comes with experience and industry-oriented knowledge.

As was mentioned in the previous section, beginning a business is a difficult undertaking that involves numerous difficult duties. But we can tackle any issue if we prepare ahead and work hard. For starting any business, we need two types of resources: an inner resource and an outer resource. For outer resources, we need a plan and execution. For inner resources, we need the ability to overcome challenges and dedication.

Only consistent effort can help achieve any goal, and that needs passion and persistence. Having a successful business not only gives financial freedom but also a deep sense of fulfillment. When somebody overcomes his external and inner challenges, it changes the person from inside and outside.


Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship demands a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and responsibilities that come with starting a business. An entrepreneur must assume the role of a visionary, anticipating and navigating uncertainties with resilience. The assumption of financial risks is inevitable, requiring a strategic approach to fiscal management and preparedness for potential setbacks.

The assumption of leadership entails fostering a resilient team culture, inspiring motivation, and embracing adaptability in the face of evolving market dynamics. Entrepreneurs must also shoulder the responsibility of continuous learning, staying abreast of industry trends, and adapting strategies to remain competitive.

Assuming accountability for ethical and legal considerations is paramount, as adherence to regulations and ethical business practices ensures long-term sustainability and trust from stakeholders. The entrepreneur must also recognize the importance of building a robust brand identity, understanding the market, and effectively communicating the unique value proposition to the target audience.

In essence, the entrepreneurial journey requires a multifaceted assumption of roles and responsibilities. From financial stewardship and leadership to ethical considerations and market awareness, entrepreneurs must navigate a complex landscape with a proactive mindset, recognizing that each assumption contributes to the foundation of a successful and enduring business venture.

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